Sunday, 5 February 2012

W.I.P. Beheading a dragon!

I was trying out a soft sculpture technique that I learned in a class years ago with Jo Ellen Trilling.

All was going well until I reached the head.

W.I.P.  Audrey 3

This creature did not want to be a dragon, instead it turned into Audrey from the Little Shop of Horrors.

A very Un-Dragonesque head ... W.I.P.  Audrey 3

Sorry Audrey but you are about to be beheaded!

Audrey does however, have a pair of radically gnarley feet which will be great for her next incarnation as a dragon.

W.I.P.  Audrey 3


Mary Ann Tate said...

Like the feet:)

Erica said...

thanks Mary Ann, I was very happy with the feet :)

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