Thursday, 31 July 2008

the finished book

I was trying to be smart and schedule these posts a day apart but messed it up and who wants to wait anyway!!

Here's my finished book - standing about 7 inches high -

#213/366 fabric book

Over the next week or two I'll post some of the pages

....reading it through I've just realised how many times "lunch" appears...strange that...


Anonymous said...

Oh WOW! - this looks great. ad thanks for the tips re lacing the pages together - i am in the process of making a book and wondered what I was going to do! looking forward to seeing some of teh pages

Jackie said...

really nice.. but not exactly a 'pocket book'!
By the do you pronounce Gramarye? Is it 'gramma rye' or 'Grey marie'?

Erica said...

oh ladies I'm sorry,I was just going over some comments and realised I'd missed these from you,
Paula, thank you,
Jackie,not unless you have really deep pockets :)
I pronounce Gramarye as 'gramma ree'
I think that's what my dictionary suggested

Emily said...

Hi there! This is a beautiful book! I am making a similar one, and I was wondering how you tied off the binding on the front and back covers to make it look nice/presentable. I wasn't able to see that part of the front cover in any of your pictures. Thank you! Your projects are so creative and inspirational!

Erica said...

apologies again, this comment slipped right past me - I originally just tied a bow on the front cover but have since replaced the cord with long metal rods which have a threaded top to take a wing nut screw to hold the pages in place.

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