Sunday, 17 August 2008

Stella and scarf

#225/366 Stella and scarf, originally uploaded by gramarye.

I was walking around the yard draping my latest scarf over bare winter trees when I suddenly remembered Stella.

My daughter bought her from Reverse Garbage years ago. She has been stashed away in the conglomeration that was once my pottery studio and then daughters' darkroom. Stella has lived quietly there amongst bags of dried clay, pottery wheels, old enlargers and developing tanks.
She seemed happy to see daylight again, I think I will be using her for future photos - she is pretty 'armless and drapes well!

The scarf was inspired from my coral reef crochet and looks far better on Stella than it does on me


Champagne Blush said...

I just love Stella.

Erica said...

yes she's a character! sorry I missed your comment earlier

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