Thursday, 31 July 2008

putting my fabric book together - part 2

Somehow I had to bind all those pages - 52 weeks in a year equates to 26 pages plus a cover, say I make two buttonholes in each page - that's 54 buttonholes! No way!!

I opted for rivets which proved just as much a pain as buttonholes, some folded over smoothly, some just went Blat! the blat ones I hope will remain hidden.

putting the fabric book together

I then needed some small separation between the pages so they didn't pack down tightly together. I had some nylon macrame cord and thought of tying a knot in it between pages



I got half way through - pull the cord, tie a knot, pull the cord through some more - tie another knot - and decided it looked tacky


so it was - undo knot, pull cord through, undo another knot....

then I spied these almost flat wooden beads, I fallen for the colour at a bead show.


I scrapped the stiff macrame cord in favour of some bright blue Russian braid, I was reaching the home straight til I found the holes in the beads were just a tad small to feed the braid through smoothly, so it became - snip the end to a point, feed through the bead and snip the now ragged end to a point again -


you can see what I mean about a whopping big book!


I'll take a photo of the finished book tomorrow.


Donna said...

I really like how you've finished each page as an envelope and then added a bright colour for the final edge -- a great idea for finishing journal work, but yes, lots and lots of pages :-)

Erica said...

thanks - I'm pleased with how it turned out

jackie said...

looks like a lot of hard work. but I imagine very satisfying.


wow! very nice!

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