Sunday, 24 August 2008

charm necklace at ATASDA

I dragged poor sick husband coughing from his sick bed (read lounge chair in front of ENDLESS olympic telecasts) so he could come with me to the ATASDA textile exhibition and see what REAL talent is all about (as opposed to a bunch of sweaty little athletes flopping around in a pool or running pointlessly around a track - sport....BLECCHHH)

Here is my finished charm necklace with all the charms I received in the ATASDA round robin.
It is on exhibition with all the other necklaces and textile works at the Palm House gallery in the Botanic Gardens, Sydney, as part of the ATASDA "Out of the Blue" exhibition.

The Palm House was erected in 1876 and is the oldest glasshouse in New South Wales. It is a beautiful space full of natural light (even though a bit draughty)

No photos allowed but I persuaded them to let me take my own 'in situ' so I have a record of it on show.

The work on display was superb.
I really wish I could have photographed more of it to show you. I'm not sure just how much of the exhibition will be shown on the ATASDA web site, but here is their galley page if you'd like to see previous shows.

Then we had a nice walk around the gardens where I made up for depriving him of sport by allowing him to ogle a solar powered cruiser on the harbour.

charm necklace at ATASDA


Anonymous said...

glad Im not the only one to be completely underwhelmed by olymics.
your charm necklace looks great

Erica said...

thanks Paula, sorry I didn't answer sooner, I've caught HIS flu!!

Zada Creations said...

What a lovely charm necklace and beautiful display for it!


Erica said...

thanks Patricia

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