Monday, 21 May 2012

Week 20 - Mikey, the Michaelmas Dragon

Doing a little dragon surfing I came across a blogger named Angela who keeps the blog Rhythm of the Home where she kindly gives a free pattern for a Michaelmas Dragon.

Now, my religious inclinations being what they are, I had no idea what Michaelmas was or why it required a dragon.

Angela gives a little background on her page indicating that in medieval times Michaelmas celebrated the turning of the seasons especially harvest time in September. (autumn in the north which makes it just right for the present time in the southern hemisphere)
mmm. OK ....that sounds good.....then I did a little further digging and found that it didn't take long for "the other lot" to cotton on and St. Michael the Archangel got into the act with his earthly representative St. George... and we all know what St. George was famous for!

Nasty piece of work, that George..... I've no sympathy for any dragonslayers.

Week 20 Michaelmas dragon

I created some fabric with my needlefelt machine, layering sheer pieces and wool scraps onto a  commercial felt background.
It proved not to be the best back to use as the needles chewed into the fabric and I wasn't able to sew a good seam without tearing it.
I backed the fabric with an iron on interfacing to give some stability then cut out the pattern.

Week 20 Michaelmas dragon

I joined the pieces by hand with a blanket stitch.

Week 20 Michaelmas dragon

Week 20 Michaelmas dragon

Week 20 Michaelmas dragon

AAARGH - when I went back to get the link to Angela's blog, I suddenly realised I'd forgotten to give him wings!! 

I'll have to add them later or Mikey will have no way of escaping from nasty George.

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