Monday, 30 July 2012

Week 30 - Dragon at the Wood Show

This weekend we went to the Sydney Timber and Working with Wood Show at the Olympic Park, Homebush.
There were some Serious woodworking machines there which would qualify for the Extreme Woodwork category in anyone's olympics (big smile)

I've never seen so many drills, files, planers, sanders and assorted attachments in the one place before.

Needless to say, Himself had a good day while I was starting to go a little gah-gah at it all.

I did come That Close to joining a wood carving group but restrained myself for the moment.

Dragons were being carved at several club tables and I thought this one would be a nice inspiration if I should ever find my wood carving tools (I know I have a set somewhere)

Week 30 - wood carved dragon
 apologies to the artist as I did not get a name to go with the carving 

(and that brings me up to date with my postings, sorry if you have been seeing what appears to be old earlier posts popping up, I back dated them so they would be in order)


Els said...

(For some (or none) reason a lot of your posts arrived all at once ...?)
Ha, that medievel festival could have been right hére ! Same pics could have been taken: so more Europe than Australia ;-) .....!
I love all your home made dragons a lot! Still din't start one of my own, because I have no pattern yet ánd because my time is sparse at the moment (with a daughter with a new baby !)
But that lovely félted one it VERY tempting !!!!

Mary Ann Tate said...

You weren't showing up on my blog list for a while so I'm glad you are now. I have to go back a read a few posts that I missed:)

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